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취업을 통한 영주권신청 (Employment Based Green Card - Permanent Resident)

1순위 (EB1 - First Preference)

  • 특출한 능력소유자: Persons of Extraordinary Ability
  • 저명한 교수 및 연구원: Outstanding Professors and Researchers
  • 다국적기업간부: Multinational Executives and Managers

2순위 (EB2 - Second Preference)

  • 고학력소지자 예외적으로 뛰어난 능력소유자

3순위 (EB3 - Third Preference)

  • 전문직: Professionals
  • 숙련공: Skilled Workers
  • 비숙련공: Unskilled Workers

4순위 (EB4 - Fourth Preference - Special Immigrants)

  • 종교특별이민

5순위 (EB5 - Fifth Preference - Employment Creation Investors)

  • 투자이민

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